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While out-of-the-box SeaDek is always a great addition to any boat; we understand that our customers love to personalise their SeaDek.

We’re constantly working on innovative ways to help our customers connect with their boats. From our extensive selection of colours to premium options such as Captain’s Series Fish Graphics and Static Laser Logos, the possibilities are endless!


There are various designs you can choose from when selecting our SeaDek Products

Various designs of SeaDek products available
Various designs of SeaDek products available



AquaCamo Embossed
ArmyCamo Embossed
BahamaBlue Embossed
BeachSand Embossed
BiminiBlue Embossed
Black Embossed
Camel Embossed
DarkGray Embossed
Cappuccino Embossed
CoolGray Embossed
CaribbeanBlue Embossed
DesertCamo Embossed
Espresso Embossed Badge
IslandGreen Embossed
Mica Embossed
Mocha Embossed
Navy Embossed Badge
OliveGreen Embossed
RubyRed Embossed
SeafoamGreen Embossed
SnowCamo Embossed
StormGray Embossed
SunsetOrange Embossed
Terra Embossed
White Embossed


There are various designs you can choose from when selecting our SeaDek Products

Various designs of SeaDek products available


Formulated with an acrylic-based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive 3MTM

6mm Mocha over Black Installed

Tailored to fit

SeaDek can be tailored to fit nearly any application on any type of boat, including: sports/commercial fishing, flats boats, sailboats, ski boats, commercial marine, house boats, personal water crafts, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, etc. The unlimited applications for SeaDek include:

Swim platforms and cockpit pads, Step kitsHelm station pads, Poling platforms, Coaming bolsters/pads, Footwells, Gunwales and Trailers.

Easy to install

Easy to install

Easy to install and customizable, SeaDek is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors. SeaDek’s capabilities include:

CAD for precision manufacturing requirements, customized bevels, contours, logos or designs and multi-color laminations, peel-and-stick application—no mounting hardware required.

Introducing SeaDek HD (Heavy Duty)

SeaDek, the maker of innovative PE/EVA foam non-skid flooring materials for the marine industry, is excited to introduce the newest addition to their diverse family of products—SeaDek HD.

Answering the call for a heavy duty, wear-resistant product that also offers SeaDek’s legendary non-skid characteristics and comfort underfoot, SeaDek HD is designed to perform in the most demanding applications.

Featuring a durable hard outer shell that resists abrasion, punctures, and damage inflicted by heavy use, SeaDek HD is perfect for high-traffic areas, commercial applications, work boats, and military/law enforcement vessels. Thanks to a robust 3M peel-and-stick application, installation is easy, and guarantees years of trouble-free use. Like all SeaDek products, SeaDek HD is fully customisable, and can be combined with any of their standard colours to allow for custom logos, designs, and branding.

Perfectly blending toughness and functionality, SeaDek HD is the clear choice for boats requiring a refined product that can withstand the harshest conditions on the water.


SeaDek HD (Heavy Duty) Brochure


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